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Did you know that more than 75% of resumes submitted online never make it to the recruiter’s desk? Let me reveal the dirty little secret to blame for: the FORMAT of your resume. If you wanna learn how to overcome this issue and get your resume in front of hiring authorities, grab my resume template. Once you download it, let me know by clicking the “contact” tab if you’re interested and I’ll also send you my FREE resume optimization guide. Click below:


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Do you want to wake up every day feeling as if it’s Friday because you love what you do?

How about starting to look for that job that makes you feel proud and smile every time someone asks you “what do you do for a living?”


Hey, I’m Giselle, Your  Career Consultant And Job Search Strategist.

I’ve been coaching and advising people my whole life. I’ve always been the go-to person for whatever advice you can imagine :-). Since an early age, I remember my family and friends saying that I should be a psychologist.

Well, I ended up studying economics and geeez was it hard! But two facts I can thank economics for, is my math background that allows me to always see the whole picture, and above all, my capability to see beyond what’s visible…

So tell me, are you dreaming about a perfect job that seems unnatainable? Don’t settle for less, let’s chat! Would love to help you discover capabilities and skills you might not even thought you have, get your dream job, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!. Mind you: you’re not alone in your stressful job search journey, I’m here to help and guide you to achieve success. You deserve it !.


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If you’re looking for just “another coaching program” to add to your resume, I’m not the right fit for you, sorry my friend. However, if you want solutions, if you want a fluff-free and straight to the point program that won’t make you waste your time, I can’t wait to get started working together! :-). I help individuals just like Y.O.U get their dream job in the easiest, and most time – efficient way. My programs are designed to help you achieve your goal with pure, raw strategy rather than through a bunch of articles you should read or tests you need to take. Been there before so trust me, I know what it feels to make an investment looking for strategy and getting fluff instead…

Because I want you to succeed, I’ve combined my experience as a recruiter,  resume writer and career coach to create my programs, all of them jam-packed with juicy information you probably won’t find anywhere else (not sure if you know but not every career coach or consultant is a recruiter and a resume writer). 

Once we start working together, I’ll pull the curtains and you’ll learn all about the behind the scenes of this online applications world… I’ll share with you what’s in the hiring manager’s and other recruiters’ minds when they read resumes, the psychology behind certain interview questions and what you need to do to MASTER all these so you’ll be seen as the top player every company wants to hire…well…you know what they say: knowledge is power!!. At the end of the program, you’ll be able take your career into your own hands and to the next level, and once you get that powerful feeling of  being in control, you’ll feel fearless, unstoppable and fulfilled not only at work but in all aspects of your life.

Not sure what program is right for you? No problem! let’s jump on a FREE discovery call and we’ll figure that out together.

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