About Me

I’ve been giving advice and coaching people my whole life. I’ve always been the go-to person for whatever advice you can imagine :-). Since an early age, I remember my family and friends saying that I should be a psychologist. Well, I ended up studying economics and geeez was it hard! But two facts I can thank economics for, is my math background that allows me to always see the whole picture, and above all, my capability to see beyond what’s visible (you know economics is all about forecasting right? ;-)).


My Story

I was just getting started with my career when love knocked my door. I was a girl from Uruguay, a tiny country in South America, who met a German guy and decided to follow her heart. However, instead of moving to Germany, we moved to Mexico where he just landed a promising job. We got a Saint Bernard puppy that I named Athina, and we started our life together as a little family. Being exposed to such a rich culture full of natural resources, I started to get into jewelry design, something I’ve always had a passion for but never seemed to find the “perfect time” to dive in. I started my jewelry business back then and I still “hustion” (hustle + passion) ;-), BUT the universe had some bigger and even more fun plans for us. My boyfriend got a job offer in Michigan, and we moved to the U.S. One day, I discovered that I was pregnant, and not just with one but with TWO bundles of joy and after my twins were born, we moved again and back to Germany due to my hubby’s (yes, we got married in between ;-)) work. We lived in Germany for a few years, where I kept developing my online jewelry biz, but guess what? hubby got transferred back to the U.S., and here we are ever since :-).

Although I kept loving and evolving with different techniques and materials in my jewelry biz, I started working as a recruiter because of that drive of mine that’s always pointed me towards the direction of helping others. I wanted to help people find jobs and at the same time, help companies find top players and ease their financial pain of having open positions, but deep inside myself, I knew that I still had a mission beyond recruiting: I wanted to help people regardless of their titles/positions/roles because I’ve always believed that roles don’t define a person. This time, I wanted to help on a more personalized, deeper level beyond what a job interview opens up the opportunity for. I wanted to help with the struggles. Now I wanted to help people find a job but a job with a purpose, a job that they truly love, giving them direction and taping into the blocks and hurdles that could be hindering their chances of getting the job they want and deserve. Being a career changer myself, I knew I had a lot to share and that my own story could resonate with many people out there looking for a career change. One day, while career coaching a friend of mine, she suggested I should take this “seriously”, and having heard that my whole life, I decided to pursue career coaching education to test the waters and see if this, together with my experience as a recruiter knowing all the “behind the scenes” of the job market, could help me reach a larger audience in need of help. Let me tell ya…there’s no way back :-)).


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