How To Write A Powerhouse Resume And Beat Your Competition.

Tired of applying for countless jobs opportunities without hearing back? Or maybe you’ve already hired a resume writer to revamp your resume and still no results? Let me tell you why this course is different from any other resume-building course in the market. Most resume writers write super nice, beautiful-looking resumes, BUT usually, they’re written for human beings. I, instead, specialize in formatting resumes specifically for automated systems. Besides being a resume writer specialized in this field, I’m also a recruiter and a career coach, so I’ve combined my experience in all these areas, and carefully curated content that will help you not only optimize your own resume but also to understand why most resumes end up in the internet “black hole”. Through this course, I’ll pull back the curtain, and give you access to the “behind-the-scenes,” allowing you to learn how the online resumes’ world truly works and what you need to increase your chances to succeed when you submit your application online. The cool part? I’ve included lots of great tips and strategies that you can start implementing right away. Happy job-hunting!

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