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Camille Nisich / Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist https://www.camillenisich.com
Maria Fontana / Intuitive Business and Empowerment Coach https://www.mariafontana.com

When I was looking for a company to do my resume professionally and have it up to date with today’s trend, I was skeptical of the millions of companies and people that were advertising resume writing. I came across IBE/Giselle and decided to take a chance! I’m soooo glad I did. I was blessed to meet Giselle who not only revamped my resume, but gave me tools to tailor my resume for each job I’m applying for. That’s not all…..Giselle has coached me through every interview by meetings, phone calls, texts and LinkedIn chats. The coaching that I still receive from Giselle is spot on! It’s like she’s a fly on the wall in these interviews. She has made time for me EVERY single time I needed her to include mornings and late nights. Best decision I could have made!!!! She’s stuck with me!!I was a honest as I can be! It’s so true and I still thank you!

Royeese O. Hardaway / Synovus Bank / Asset Management Operations Specialist

Giselle went above and beyond for me. First was her help on building a resume I could be proud of. I was hearing crickets when I submitted my old resume. The day after she help me with mine I received request for interviews. I also received so much guidance on interview prep. She thought me how to answer difficult questions and stand apart from over candidates. One of the biggest for me was the “do you have any questions for us?” I asked the questions she provided and my interviewer said “I’ve been doing this a long time and those were the best questions I’ve ever been asked.” They had other people to interview but they called me on my way home to offer me the job. “Your interview blew us away” was said constantly. I would still be applying aimlessly but now I have a career with Giselle’s guidance, support and down right genuine care for me. Do yourself a favor and let this amazing angel be there for you too!!!! Thank you always and forever!!!! Best career coach in the world!!!!

Jeff Orozco / Farmers Insurance

In September 2018, I had to close up a business venture after a partnership went south leaving me with no alternatives but my “back up” plan job. However, I never imagined that after seven months I’d still be there after spending hours each day looking and applying for a more suitable and substantial position; many of which from the descriptions I would have been a perfect fit for! Well about a month ago I met Ms. Giselle on a Facebook forum and I couldn’t be more pleased that I did. I agreed to speak with her over the phone for a one on one coaching call after she had a little bit of time to review my resume. After we spoke I was more than confident in her abilities to lead me down a successful path to a new career! I took her online resume building course. After I made all the suggested and necessary changes to my resume I began to hunt for my new job. So far, every position I’ve applied for? I’ve gotten a response from each employer in addition to an interview. I’m now currently in between two positions and playing the waiting game but that’s okay because it’s a 180 from where I was the day before I spoke to her! Following her blueprint to successful resume writing will get you the job or jobs you’re seeking!

Candace Miller / Notary Public State of GA, Web Designer

I moved to the US so I had no experience with resume writing and how the job market works here in general. Giselle was such a great help. Not only with the resume writing, she also explained to me how a hiring process works, which steps are important for me as an applicant, how to set up my LinkedIn profile and provided a lot of additional information that will support me finding a job. It was the best decision working together with Giselle and I can totally recommend her, not only because of her outstanding experience, she also made sure that her coaching matched exactly with my needs.

Julia Rassmann / Financial Analyst

I highly recommend Giselle’s Career Consultant services. I amextremely satisfied with the final product and tips providedthroughout the entire process. I look forward to what the next few months will bring. Thanks!!

Michael Chism / Senior Quality Manager at WWT

Giselle it’s such a smart recruiter, that’s why her resume writing and coaching services are so creative. I’ve learned so much from her. Giselle’s resume writing service exceeded my expectations. She was able to display my accomplishments and value that I bring to an employer on my resume. Giselle coaching style is so understanding, non judgment and out-of-the-box thinking. You can tell she really cares about helping people. I’m am so grateful to have got to know and met Giselle. Thank you for all your help and support.

Jacqueline Washington / Employee Benefits Specialist

I recently contacted Giselle to help me with my resume, professional profile and career coaching, my experience of working with Giselle was exceptional. She is very attentive, helpful and patient. She is very prompt and approachable even in the evenings and weekends, she even took time off from her vacation to return my calls during the holiday season. With her help I have three formats of my resume MS Word, PDF and one for the ATS (applicant Tracking System). She went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. Highly recommended.

Abbas Ghazanfar, Project Manager / Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Giselle’s professionalism, knowledge, and expertise put me at ease while working on my resume. When I saw the end results I was and still am completely satisfied. I’m amazed at how she was able to reconstruct my resume in a way that put me in a “brand new light.” I look at my resume now and it gives me greater confidence to go after the job I really want and deserve.

A. Wright, Quality Engineer / Holroyd Precision Rotors.

I highly recommend Giselle for your resume writing and/or improvement. I had the pleasure of working with her and benefiting from her knowledge and experience in this area. She did a great job and provided excellent service in a timely manner..

Ricardo Covarrubias, Supplier Development Manager / Eaton.

Giselle was able to effectively target my strengths and create a resume that flew past the bots and into the right hiring managers’ hands! I can not say enough about the level of knowledge, professionalism and results Giselle offered while working with her. If you need to up-level your corporate career, I suggest you book a call with the best. Giselle. Thank you

Maria F. , USA

I took the “How to write a powerhouse resume and beat your competition” course. This is very good and helpful stuff with a lot of important insides. It is frustrating in the sense that my current resume is by far not fit for purpose and needs a complete overhaul.

Thanks Giselle for all the effort you put into the creation of the course!.

D. Meyberg, United Kingdom.

I took the course “How to write a powerhouse resume and beat your competition”. The course was fantastic! I highly recommend it. Giselle guides you step by step on how to write a perfect resume. The lessons are very clear, and to the point! After I had updated my resume based on her lessons, I was called to five interviews! When I had been waiting for months before. The money invested on it was totally worth it!.

Marisa S. / Benefits Consultant
The course is fantastic!! Specially if you have been a long time without revamping your resume. The course is clear and very easy to follow, all the information, material and tips are very useful and you can use it right away. She is an expert and you can see that in all the skills that she show us in every step of the course. Also, you can understand both side of the process not just as applicant but also like the employee perspective. Thanks Giselle for all your knowledge and carefully created this course. I highly recommend this course.”
Angelica Hedin / HG Hedin Galleguillos LLC

In my interviews I felt more confident then ever. I’ve always been told I’m a good interviewee but you made me a great on. The hiring manager said my questions were amazing vs other candidates. All thanks to you. He was also very impressed by my resume.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You will change so many lives.

Jeff O., USA

I really liked working with Giselle! She was very efficient and did a wonderful job highlighting my achievements in a very easy way. She stuck to the timelines and I am very pleased with her work.

Achal Deo / Sr. Manager, Quality & Regulatory

Having been a hiring manager, I had already set-up my resume with some of the best practices because of how I preferred to view resumes. The details included in the course were easy to follow, and make it easy to know where to make improvements for better results. Going beyond the resume, having a better understanding of setting up a cover letter (and the fact that it’s still needed) was super helpful!

Kristin Miller

I took the resume building course and I totally recommend the course, because includes everything you need to learn to enhance your resume! The explanations are very clear and concise.

Victoria Cabrera / Marketing Consultant, Mexico