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I’m a career accelerator and job search strategist, and I help corporate professionals just like YOU advance in their careers. How?  I’ve created and developed a strategic, straight to the point and fluff-free program designed to help you achieve your goals fast. I’ll help you identify your talents upon which you’ll build strengths, and will help you remove the blocks that are holding you back from the place you want to be. With my strategies and tactics, you will feel in control, super confident and fulfilled not only in your job but in all aspects of your life.

My programs have been developed around my signature framework “SER” (which in Spanish means “To Be”):

  • Self-awareness
  • Expansion
  • Results

By working with me you’ll get pure, raw strategy (told you! no fluff!!), just as an example, how about if I tell you I’ll share with you some of my recruiting tricks to find out who’s the hiring manager for a specific role and how to reach out directly to them? 😉 (believe me, you’ll have an  edge over you competition from the get go 😉 ).

As a consultant, I provide solutions. I’ll give you the tools and the exact steps you’ll need to take to be where you want to be. I won’t overwhelm you with boring,  time-consuming questions, tests and homework that you might not even need!!. We will work with the “now” and will focus on the future, and we’ll work within a time frame and a roadmap that will be tailored specifically to your lifestyle and needs, so while working towards your goals, you can still have a life (because…the truth of the matter is, who doesn’t want to have a life?) .

At the end of the program, you will feel confident, fearless and empowered, with an impressive wealth of knowledge and ready to grab the bull by the horns. Let’s chat! Would love to know about you and your current struggles! Book your FREE discovery call here


Career Growth 1:1 Intensive


Your Job in A Kit




From Stagnant To Star: 45 days Premium, intensive, 1:1 program for fast results

How To Write A Powerhouse Resume And Beat Your Competition

What makes my programs different?

My programs have many differentiating factors:

You'll be absolutely independent

Yes, you’ll be completely independent from me once you exit the program (which doesn’t mean you won’t have my support), let me explain. What I mean by this is that unlike other programs that tend to give some info but not so much and people end up feeling sort of tied to the coach, I don’t hold any info back because I want you to succeed and part of it is to be in control of your career. Only when you feel you’re in control, you’ll feel empowered, fearless and unstoppable. Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the tools, support and knowledge you will need so you’ll be super confident about yourself and what steps to take to propel your career to the next level. Having said this, if at any point after you finish the program you need my help, I’m always one click or one phone call away 😉

One-on-one, tailored to your needs and flexibility

This is not a canned-type of program loaded with boring questionnaires. It’s innovative, flexible and tailored to your needs. This is a 1:1 career-coaching program instead of a “done-for-you” type of program where you have limited (or zero) contact with your coach. (Believe me, I’ve been there. I had taken those courses where many coaches portray themselves as a “god/goddess” on earth and would never answer my questions and if I was lucky enough, mayyyyy be someone of their team would answer me). I know how it feels not being able to reach out to anyone and wondering “what am I paying for”? so I gotcha covered, I don’t want you to feel that way so I’ll be your backbone during the whole process; count on that.
Unlike group coaching with group calls and unfriendly schedules where you’ll need to post questions in groups and wait until somebody answers your questions (if at all), in my programs your questions won’t end up in a black hole regardless of what program you take. We’ll work together during the whole process and I will take you hand-in-hand and step-by-step. You will have unlimited e-mail support in between calls, with direct access to me during this time.
My programs also offer a very flexible schedule including after hours, holidays and weekends sessions to fit in your busy schedule.

You'll get both coaching and consulting

While I’m a certified career coach, my programs include lots of consulting as well, and let me explain why this is a differentiating factor. Coaching is all about asking thought-provoking questions designed to help clients understand and uncover certain skills, capabilities, desires, interests, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, etc., by themselves. Conversely, to what most people believe, coaching does NOT involve direct teachings, advice or personal opinions. However, although I love coaching and embrace its power, in my experience people sometimes need a solution NOW. They need advice. They need someone who shares with them an opinion (if asked). They need someone who provides  strategies and suggest them the best course of action given a specific situation. Some people for example don’t like being interrogated, they just don’t feel comfortable and they need a solution asap and here I come. I’m that helping-hand during the whole process where I share with my clients my opinion if they need it. I provide guidance, advice, suggestions, and all this while holding yourself accountable. No need of an accountability buddy? It’s ok, no worries my programs are tailored to your needs. Can’t wait to hear from you! What are you currently struggling with?

Easier, faster and less expensive than other programs

Since the program is customized to your particular needs, you won’t waste time doing long exercises and things you probably don’t need just to make the program look more impressive. This will accelerate the learning process because the program will be focused exclusively on YOU instead of a template-like type of program. It’s a very straightforward curriculum where you’ll get valuable tips that you can start implementing right away. Although some homework might be involved, it’ll be just what you need to keep moving forward. On the other hand, since I’m also a recruiter and resume writer, my program includes a thorough resume assessment, a resume reformatting/rewriting that I do myself (I don’t outsource this activity), and a fully customizable cover letter that you can tailor to every single role you’ll apply in the future. The BONUS here is that since you won’t need to purchase resume writing services to a third party provider, you’ll save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars since everything is included.

I bring to the table my acumen as a recruiter and resume writer

Did you know that more than 75% of applications submitted online never make the cut to the recruiter’s desk? The main reason lies in the format. Having the right content is paramount, but without the right format, regardless of how great your content could be; nobody will see your resume. Since most resumes don’t have the right format to get past this initial screening process, which I explain in detail in the “Personal Branding” phase, the chances of landing job interviews are very lean. However, since besides being a career coach I’m also a recruiter, I know the “behind the scenes” of the job search market and the resume’s world. I know exactly how applicant tracking systems work and what recruiters and hiring manager’s look for when they look for candidates and screen resumes. Besides sharing with you my knowledge as a recruiter about the “behind the scenes” of the job’s market, I will also share with you tricks that you can start implementing the moment you start your application process. Based on this valuable knowledge, I’ve developed a formula to rewrite and reformat resumes that will help you rise above your competition and I’ll be happy to share with you my methodology so you will learn how to do it yourself without the need to pay for resume writing services in the future.

Tech-oriented resume reformatting formula

I’ve designed a methodology that will help you stand out from the crowd and I will share with you valuable knowledge such as a customization blueprint where you will learn step-by-step how to customize and properly tailor your resume for future job applications without future investments in resume writers as I previously mentioned. You will exit the program with an optimized resume reformated with focus on the technology utilized by most job boards and corporations to screen and filter resumes rather than with a generic, template-like resume. This is the only program in the career coaching market that offers this since it’s my own formula, which I only share with my clients, and knowing the “behind the scenes” about this process will give you great confidence and a competitive edge over your competition.

You will learn what you need to do to, but you will also learn what you should NOT do

It is common practice in many programs that they teach you or guide you towards what you need to do, which is great, but in my program, you will also learn what NOT to do when looking for jobs, which is equally important. I know what works and what doesn’t work from a recruiter’s perspective and I will share with you the most common mistakes job seekers make so you can avoid them.

My program goes beyond the last phase

After you finish the program, you’ll have lifetime e-mail access to me where you can send me any questions you may have. In fact, I’m in touch with most of my clients, and I love to see them evolving as fearless and successful professionals, and to celebrate their successes.


Do you offer refunds?

No, because I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you show up and do the work, success will follow.

Is there any guarantee that this will work?

I can guarantee not only one but two things:

1) You won’t feel kicked out just because our program ended, you will get 3 months after-program support. Because I know there could be many questions that may arise after the program is over, I will continue supporting you for FREE via e-mail or messenger during 3 months. Does it get any better? :-).

2) If you do the work, success will follow.

I feel totally lost, I don't even know what I'm good at, can you still help me?

Of course! Since you won’t be able to find a job you love until you get crystal clear about what you’re good at, we start our program with a strengths assessment and we’ll move forward from there.

I don't feel confident, I don't know how to position myself and how to show confidence during job interviews, can you help me with this?

Absolutely. Once you gain clarity about the areas you excel at and once you have your resume reformatted so it showcases your background and expertise, your confidence level will skyrocket. On top of that we’ll work on developing your interviewing skills so you’ll feel more confident than ever.

I've been applying for countless jobs but I never hear back from companies. Can you help?

Yes absolutely, this is my specialty ;-). More than 80% of resumes submitted online never get to be seen by recruiters. I’ll craft a super powerful resume that will help portray yourself as the top player your are and above all, your resume will be optimized for automated systems (usually the villain 👹 🙂 to blame for when you don’t hear back from companies).

Will I need to pay extra to get my resume revamped?

Absolutely not. The resume work is included in two of my programs: the “Game Changer” and “From Stagnant To Star”. Since I’m also a resume writer and recruiter I know exactly what my colleagues and hiring managers look for in resumes, PLUS I know how to write amazing resumes (you can check some testimonials here under the “testimonials” tab and on my LInkedIn profile). For this reason you won’t need to outsource this activity to a third-party resume writer which will save you time and money.

I have no idea about personal branding. Can you help me develop a strong personal brand that will position myself as a top player?

Absolutely. We have an entire module about personal brand development and you’ll exit the program feeling stronger than ever.

I've been working in the same field and industry for years and I feel it's time for a change. My problem is that I want to change careers but don't even know how or where to get started.

Welcome to the club! 😉 Career changers are more and more common nowadays and I have a full strategy to help you pivot careers even if you don’t have experience in the industry you want to step in. No worries, I got you covered ;-).

Not sure what's going on. I get tons of interviews but I never get the damn job offer. How can you help me?

Of course I can help you :-). If you’re not getting the jog offer it’s because something is off during the interviews and I will help you diagnose the issue that might be holding you back from the place you want to be. I’ll help you hone in your interview skills so you’ll finally get your dream job offer!

My resume is totally outdated. I haven't been looking for a job in years and I know I need to revamp it according to today's standards and technology. Do you also offer help in this area?

Yes! In fact one of my superpowers is personal brand development :-). I’ll help you create a powerhouse resume that will land on top of the pile on the recruiter’s desk, and will position yourself as the rock star every company wants to hire :-). Your resume will be super compelling and fully optimized for applicant tracking systems (AKA: the robots that screen and filter resumes).

How about LinkedIn? Can you help me create a powerful LinkedIn profile?

Definitely. This is part of our personal brand development module and I take my clients’ career and personal brand very seriously. In the online era having a powerful LinkedIn profile is no longer an option, it’s KEY for career success. You’ll exit the program with such a strong LinkedIn profile that you’ll have recruiters reaching out to you rather you being the “hunter” 😉

Should I leave my therapist / counselor if I start a coaching program with you?

Absolutely NOT. These are two different things and coaching is not a substitute for therapy or counseling.