Your LinkedIn Headline

Confused 🤯about what exactly you should put in your LinkedIn headline❓Stay tuned, because in this video 🎬I'm gonna reveal the key 🔑content you should put in your headline to attract recruiters and hiring managers❗️❗️. ⚠️Spoiler alert: it's probably NOT what you think.🛑I'm filling up my 1:1 consulting calendar for the rest of the year, people are dreaming big for 2020❗️. If you feel you deserve a better position and a better salary💰but don't know how, reach out to me, I CAN help you as I did with many clients I've had the pleasure to work with. See link below 👇🏾

Posted by Giselle Bogs on Friday, October 4, 2019
Confused about what exactly you should put in your LinkedIn headline to attract recruiters?

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